UAV Application for Broadcasting
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(i) Solutions


As can be seen from the overall architecture for radio and television systems, UAV transfers the video to the ground station via digital microwave image transmission. The ground station can record video in real time and save it to the built-in SD card. Meanwhile, the video is transferred to the platform network via 4G signal, and then the integrated video platform acquires the video from the network and outputs it to the monitor or the display screen via SDI signal.


Figure: Structural Diagram of UAV Application for Broadcasting


(ii). Advantages


· Strong anti-interference ability

An industrial-level digital radio station with over 60,000 kinds of frequency hopping sequences is used as the controller, ensuring the absolute control for UAV flight by ground stations even in a complex wireless environment.

· Industrial-level reliability

It can work normally under force 6 wind. When the speed is up to 120 km, it can still stably transmit 8M videos. The protective design of the vehicle body can guarantee its normal use in the light rain.

· Flexible and stable shooting

Three-axis pan-tilt mounted on the UAVs supports pitching, rolling and rotation movements which can carry out 360° shooting. The pan-tilt has a self-stabilizing system and an independent attitude measurement sensor, which can ensure stable footage in harsh environments. 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom allow the UAV to clearly identify the license plate of ground vehicles when flying high in the sky.

· Strong video transmission ability

The microwave technology of UAVs is used as the video and image transmission channel. Microwave technology has the characteristics of long transmission distance and strong diffraction ability, and it can reach the coverage radius of 10 km. It is very suitable for the news reporting in complex environments and with a wide monitoring scope.

· Seamless integration with video system

UAV is provided with a built-in 3G\4G module and network port, and it can transmit the videos to radio and television studio via wireless network or wired cables.


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