Bearing Defect Detection
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During production or assembly of a bearing, there may be defects like depressions, scratches, indentations, missing balls and size deviations on the surface of inner and outer races and the end face of the seal ring as well as character recognition problems on the bearing surface. These defects may seriously compromise usability of the bearing. Traditional manual detection is flexible, but humans tire easily or are susceptible to individual subjective factors. The machine vision detection system can work continuously for a long time based on consistent detection criteria and therefore provides highly precise results.


(i). Solutions


Hikvision Defect Detection System adopts stationary detecting method to the bearing defects by acquiring, identifying and analyzing the bearing images, making it a very important tool to improve product quality. It consists of a defect detection subsystem and a control subsystem, offering photo capturing, data transmission and defect analysis features to provide real-time monitoring on the bearing quality.



Figure: System Structural Diagram


Defect Detection Subsystem:It consists of industrial camera, industrial lens, fill light unit, switch, IPC, etc., and is used for bearing image acquisition, defect detection and result output.

Control Subsystem: It consists of PLC controller, machine action unit and audible and visual alarm and performs defect management, machine action or audible and visual alarm based on the signals output by IPC. This subsystem is generally configured by the integrator or customer.


(ii). System Features


    · Defects that can be detected include: 

      Depressions, scratches, indentations, missing balls and size deviations on the surface of inner and outer races 

      The end face of the seal ring 

      Character recognition problems on the bearing surface

    · Structural features: The system is in a compact design that allows for

       Easy assembly

       Great reliability

       Adaptability to harsh conditions.

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