Robot Control System
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Robot Control System

Robot Control System

As the core of agv system, Robots Control System (RCS) is responsible for the

    · task allocation

    · control

    · operation

    · maintenance of all robots.

Leveraging a variety of control algorithms, it can achieve the optimal allocation of tasks, multi-robot route planning and robot traffic management, allowing the robots in groups to work together without interfering with each other's operation, to achieve the maximum performance.

The RCS is also responsible for monitoring the operation of the robots, determining whether a certain item needs to be maintained and repaired according to the history and current condition of each robot, and properly arranging the robots to self-charge and supplement energy (if needed) based on the operation of charging station and implementation of current tasks. Additionally, the RCS will record, analyze and summarize the alarm information of all robots, promptly notifying the operation and maintenance personnel of any findings and appropriate proposals for inspection and treatment, in an effort to guarantee the operation reliability of the entire system.

Robot Control System


   · A world model for AGV is built and the warehousing map is converted into model data recognizable to AGV, thus realizing proper route planning, self-charging, obstacle avoidance and more.

   · Optimized multi-route planning is supported, which can provide various handling mechanisms such as the shortest route, avoidance control, rerouting and control.

   · Tasks are assigned appropriately to achieve balanced system load.

   · Dynamic traffic management is supported to allow for dynamic traveling direction management.

Robot Control System

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